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How Tea Is Changing My Life

By Maxwell & Chris Pettit & Pytel March 15, 2019 0 comments

As you already know, green tea is loaded with benefits and can help with managing certain diseases as well as potentially preventing some. I am so grateful to know what green tea is doing for my body and mind.

I have been drinking green tea for well over 3 months straight and have noticed a huge difference in my mood! Anxiety has been a major problem for me for a large chunk of my life. It makes many situations much worse and you feel like you are dying inside when certain anxiety attacks occur. The truth is, I have tried many different things to help ease anxiety but nothing has worked as well as green tea. Not only is green tea soothing and tasty, but it works wonders for your body. Within these last three months, my anxiety has been even keel. I have finally regained my confidence back to do the things that I love to do thanks to green tea! If you have not already tried green tea, then you definitely need to get in on the action. There is much that you missing out on if you are not drinking green tea. Anyone dealing with an anxiety disorder would greatly benefit from green tea. The one thing that I do recommend is drinking matcha green tea instead of green tea in bags as the matcha contains much more nutrients than steeping tea alone. Believe it or not, boiling water actually decreases the effectiveness that green tea has as far as benefits go. So whenever you brew your green tea or whisk your matcha tea, remember to bring the water temperature to around 175 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. 

One of the reasons that I passionately promote green tea is because I know how many lives can be changed just one sip at a time. I like to call green tea the beverage of the gods because it happens to be probably the healthiest beverage that you can drink. No other beverage comes close when it comes to the number of benefits it holds. 

I vow to make a blog post every week so you can stay updated with fresh content from a new perspective. Have a great day everyone! Cheers!


-Chris Pytel (Co-Founder Of Sunshine & Some Tea) 

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